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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.”                      -Eleanor Roosevelt

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Why use a Relationship Coach?

There are a lot of reasons people use a relationship coach ~ here are just a few…

You are serious about having a successful life partnership.
Working with a coach can move you farther and faster than you can move on your own.

You don’t know what you don’t know, and your success may depend upon access to new information about yourself and relationships.
Using a coach can be the most effective means of translating knowledge into practice. One of the most indispensable roles of a coach is to help you use what you already know to make effective choices and take the actions necessary to be successful.

You deserve to get what you want. You do not want to settle for less or risk failure, and you are willing to gift yourself with the support and technology needed to ensure success.

I like to do my coaching over the phone or through Zoom. Zoom is an easy platform that allows us to see each other (just like Skype). I prefer to record the sessions so that you can review the sessions and have them for future reference.

Kim’s Story

After my divorce, I found myself single for about 12 years. I was desperately looking that whole time for someone to share my life with. After about ten years I realized that there was more missing in my life than a significant other and I needed to do something different. I started working with a relationship coach and this is when my interest in relationship enrichment and coaching started. I was also suddenly drawn to sailing. I decided that I wanted to live on a boat. I joined a sailing club, learned to sail and then met Bob on an online dating site. After Bob and I married, I took my training to be a relationship coach. After living on a our boat for several years, we realized the bond that sailing brought to our relationship and found the same to be true for other sailors. We knew that bringing couples together on a sailboat whether they were sailors or not could only increase their bond too.

My Areas of Specialties

Conscious Dating | Dating for Widows/Widowers
Life After Retirement | Radical Marriage
Living your best life | Single by Choice | Your Inner Game
All Specializations | Sexuality
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Types of Offerings

Ongoing Training | Online Coaching | Private Coaching | Short Courses or Group Coaching
  • Private Coaching
  • Online coaching
  • Short Courses | Group Coaching
  • Ongoing Coaching

One-on-one sessions or with a single person, one person out of a couple or a couple over the phone or on Zoom.

I can do private or I offer some classes online using Zoom.

Check the my event calendar for upcoming online group courses for singles and couples

There are many types of ongoing training available – ranging from continued self-study to one on one meetings via zoom.