Infidelity Recovery Expert

I help Singles find true love and Couples take their relationship from boring to thriving.

Certifications and Degrees

Certificate in Biblical Counseling | Faith Based Counselor Certificate | Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach | Diploma in Professional Counseling | Life Coach Certificate

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Training and Development

Family Systems Certificate | SYMBIS Assessment Facilitator (saving your marriage before it starts)
  • Results and Goals
  • How I Like To Coach
  •  Professional and Life Experience 

I help singles learn how to date consciously and find their soul mates.
I coach new couples to lay the foundation for a successful relationship.
I coach couples to master the art of communication and conflict resolution so they can overcome relationship challenges.
I help couples recover from Infidelity.

My coaching approach is solution-focused. It is personalized and specific to you. I focus on helping you find solutions by building on your strengths to find a positive way forward.

My aim is to help you gain self-awareness and be able to take personal responsibility. With these, you will be motivated and energized to tackle the challenge at hand while giving you the needed support. The beauty of this approach is that it doesn’t take too long to come up with solutions.

I have an Engineering background but I love helping people achieve ‘happily ever after’. I have been working with singles and married for over 15 years. I am a serial entrepreneur with vast experience with Start-Ups. I am a people person, a risk-taker and an excellent team player.

My Areas of Specialties

Conscious Dating | Preparing to Find Your Happily Ever After

Types of Offerings

Private Coaching | Short Courses or Group Coaching
  • Private Coaching
  • Online coaching
  • Short Courses | Group Coaching
  • Ongoing Coaching

I offer private coaching sessions in my office at Windsor Ontario.

The online coaching is for those who cannot take physical sessions due to distance. With this, you can enjoy my services anywhere in the world.

With this, you join a group of people who are working on similar goals. It is usually a more affordable option.