Your relationship doesn’t have to be stagnant. Improve your relationship, improve your future.

Certifications and Degrees

Relationship and Life Coach | Couples Coach | License Ordained Minister | Bachelor of Theology | SYMBIS Facilitator (saving your marriage before it starts) | Mental Heath Certification | ACC (Associate Certified Coach)

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Training and Development

Meaningful Conversation | Aboriginal Awareness | Conflict Resolution
  • Results and Goals
  • How I Like To Coach
  •  Professional and Life Experience 

In your session, we’ll talk about your goals, dreams and the steps that will be required to reach them. By working together and developing an action plan, we will begin the journey together. I will be there every step of the way, assisting and supporting you towards achieving your goals. The end goal is bringing back the connection, communication, and the love that you so desire in your relationship.

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I have worked in the oil industry for over 38 years and spent 8 of the 37 years in management. The training that I received as a front-line leader has allowed me to look at myself, the world and life from a different perspective. This has led me to the coaching world where I began to ask myself, how can I lead people through change and their struggles with less friction in their life? I realized that I could have more of an impact in the lives of people if I became a Life Coach. Not only did I get certified as a Life Coach and Couples Coach, but I also went on to enroll in Relationship Coaching. I have also held quarterly sessions for young couples in my local church and outside my assemble for the last ten years. Couples have said that the sessions have made a positive impact on their marriage. Testimonies like these give me a sense of fulfillment which has encouraged me to continue in my passion for making a difference one couple at a time. What was once dead, dull and boring can be brought back to life again.

My Areas of Specialties

Committed Couple (Married or equivalent) | Keeping the Passion Alive

Types of Offerings

Online Coaching | Private Coaching
  • Private Coaching
  • Online coaching
  • Short Courses | Group Coaching
  • Ongoing Coaching

Every marriage is unique, but most of us experience losing that intimacy and connection that we once had. While it’s common to lose some passion after our honeymoon, with a little effort and a few tools and strategies, your relationship can be more exciting and fulfilling than you thought possible!

Customized to address your unique relationship needs and desires, this program includes 5 impactful sessions to get you back on track and experience more connection, intimacy, and passion than ever before.

Is it possible to have fun again?
Is it possible to laugh again?
Is it possible to feel that spark again?
Is it possible to hug meaningfully again?
Is it possible to feel secure and love again?


Marriages fail every day. Don’t become a statistic or put your life or marriage on hold. Let’s divorce-proof your marriage and live happily ever after!

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It’s all about you.

We’ll start with a thorough assessment, then design and implement a Happily Ever After Plan customized for your unique relationship needs and desires, meeting for five marriage coaching sessions over eight weeks, with short “Check-in” support calls in between each session.

No traveling needed! We will connect by telephone or Skype at times convenient for you.

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These sessions are to be held for one hour, twice a month for three months.

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By having meaningful conversations, you can experience that loving change in your relationship and take it to the next level. I will help you see the great potential that you both have and to be the couple that can enjoy life together in all it’s fullness. I will support you, so you can get the results you want as we journey together to reach your goal. Life was meant to live and to love the one whom you are committed to